April 19, 2024

US Postal Service Endangers Its Own Survival With Higher Postal Rates

United State Postal Service Goes Postal On Rate Increases Well, here they go again – another 2 cent or 4.5% increase in the cost of a first class stamp.  The recent history of postal rate increases by the USPS has been on a sharp upward trajectory (courtesy: Wikipedia.org.) History of United States domestic first class […]

Obama Says We Can Do With Health Care What We Did With The Post Office – What?

Postal Service Poor Analogy Now we know why the President usually does not say much without the Teleprompter in front of him; why in the world would you mention the Post Office when trying to convince America that the government should take over the health care system? The Post Office is a prime example of […]

Why The Post Office Needs To Charge Us More

From The “Hard to Believe” Files How does a postal employee steal $600,000 worth of stamps over a period of 10 years without the Post Office noticing that it’s stamps are missing?? Postal Clerk Admits $600,000 Stamp Theft A Howard County postal clerk pilfered more than $600,000 worth of stamps, many of which were sold […]