June 19, 2024

Robert F Kennedy – Man of Peace and Common Sense

It’s no secret that many Americans feel that our country is coming apart at the seams.  I have contact with many people from all walks of life and political persuasions and almost all of them feel that America has profoundly lost its way.  In fact, recent polls show that only about 20% of Americans trust the government or expect our leaders to do what’s right.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally another Kennedy is running for office.  Robert F Kennedy is obviously one of the most famous and well-known men in the world, yet when he decided to run for President, the mainstream government-controlled media not only ignored his campaign and when they did mention it they demonized RFK for a variety of nonsense charges.

Here in RFK’s own words is how he feels about the most important issue facing America – do we want more constant useless wars, or do we want world peace?

This week, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. made a defining speech to set a new direction for American foreign policy in his administration and beyond. He called for peace, diplomacy, and an end to the forever wars, based on a radically different vision of ourselves and the world.

Mr. Kennedy’s call for peace echoes one of the most famous peace speeches of all time: his uncle President John F. Kennedy’s address at American University 60 years ago this month at the height of the Cold War.

In calling for de-escalation and diplomacy with Russia, Mr. Kennedy invoked deeper principles – the ideological foundations of the mentality of endless war. Here are two statements with enduring relevance.

“We have been immersed in a foreign policy discourse that is all about adversaries and threats and allies and enemies and domination.”

“We’ve become addicted to comic book good versus evil narratives that erase complexity and blind us to the legitimate motives and legitimate economic concerns and the legitimate security concerns of other people and other nations.”

Mr. Kennedy made it clear that this is not merely an issue of foreign policy. He said, “Is it any wonder that as America has waged violence throughout the world, violence has overtaken us in our own nation? It has not come as an invasion. It has come from within. Our bombs, our drones, our armies are incapable of stopping gun violence on our streets and in our schools, or domestic violence in our homes. I see the same link here as my father and Martin Luther King saw about the Vietnam War. They believed that we could not have warfare abroad without bringing that violence home to our streets, to our attitudes, to our communities. Foreign violence is inseparable from domestic violence.”

Kennedy asks us all, as individuals and as a nation: “Is this really who we are? Is this what we want to be? Is that what America’s Founders envisioned?”

Is this who we are? That is up to us to decide. You can help choose peace by supporting the peace candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Donate to our campaign and help put Mr. Kennedy into the White House!

Thanks again for your support.

Team Kennedy

Link to Full Peace video: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Peace and Diplomacy Speech

Currently, the world is playing a game of Russian roulette with our unlimited support for Ukraine and our stanch opposition to any type of diplomatic solutions.  Never once has it been explained to the American people why we should risk humanity by our unlimited support for Ukraine.

Here are some opening basic questions for Americans to consider and for our war mongering leaders to answer as eloquently detailed at Naked Capitalism.

One might wonder how to square this reading with the March 2022 Russia-Ukraine negotiations facilitated by Turkiye. Perhaps Russia actually did intend to solve this if a deal were worked out; “Um, you know this has no legal effect unless you cancel the termination of our treaties?” But Russia now has no reason to be flexible. Recall Ukraine was warned about that too. Putin said the longer the war went on, the more difficult it would become to negotiate with Russia. Russia would require more to lay down its arms if Ukraine and the West kept fighting.

Oh, and in case you missed it (I believe Conor will also be featuring this tweet in Links shortly), Ukraine has given up its remaining pretenses of being a democracy: