July 15, 2024

John McCain: U.S. Must Arm Hong Kong Protestors

jmWASHINGTON – In an interview on the Fox News Channel Senator John McCain said the United States should immediately provide weapons to Hong Kong protestors.

McCain told Fox’s Sean Hannity it is imperative that the U.S. act decisively to preserve world peace.  “If we don’t arm these protestors we could have Chinese troops running all over Hong Kong and then where would we be? By sending Hong Kong all the military aid they need we can prevent an imminent invasion by China and protect Hong Kong’s sovereignty.”

Towards the end of the interview McCain admitted his frustrations with a President who just doesn’t seem to want to contain aggressor nations.  “Once they get into Hong Kong, whose to say the Chinese will stop there?  Manila, Singapore, and Vietnam could all be next on their list.”


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