May 25, 2024

Robert F Kennedy – Will He Be the First Third Party Candidate to win the White House?

RFK is being forced into a third party run if he is serious about running for President.

If anyone can win running as a third party candidate, it is Robert F Kennedy, whose poll numbers are surging.

From RFK:

RFK, Jr.’s poll numbers have been climbing steadily, from 20% among likely voters in May, to 31% in South Carolina, and as high as 35% in New Hampshire. And the numbers rise as we take our campaign across the country.

When we started this journey in April, they tried a number of tactics and smears hoping that RFK, Jr. would go away quietly. But they had the opposite effect – our campaign has just grown stronger.

In the past several months, because of your support, we’ve opened campaign field offices in important primary states, including New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, Michigan, and Nevada. Our field staff and volunteers continue to gain traction, but your support is crucial to reaching voters who share our vision and values.

RFK is making a major announcement on October 9th which will be a historic event.

I’ll be speaking about a sea of change, and what your part is and what my part is in that change.

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