May 25, 2024

Does Living At Home At Age 25 Make Me A Loser?

The economic collapse of 2008 that put the world financial system on the precipice of collapse has produced fundamental changes in people’s attitudes, financial habits and living style.  One trend that existed even before the financial crisis and then accelerated since 2008 is the number of young adults living with their parents. The tradition of […]

If You Don’t Have Rich Parents, Forget About Being Successful?

For many people, America no longer seems like the land of unparalleled opportunities.  The mainstream press seems to be full of stories about people losing their jobs, college graduates moving back in with their parents and broken down penniless retirees forced to eat Alpo for supper. The entire world seems to currently be in a […]

The Value Of A Two Parent Family

Value of Marriage Deemed Unimportant by Many A federal study done by the National Center for Health Statistics revealed that 40% of all births in the US were to unmarried woman.   The number of births to unwed mothers has more than doubled from what it was in the 1980’s. Washington Post – “If you see […]

How to Raise a Happy Child – Some Startling Truths

The Life Long Benefits Of Early Industry With so many parents wondering what they can do to give their children the best future possible, it is easy to become confused by conflicting advice.  A timeless piece from a 1986 Readers Digest article provides solid evidence for the virtues of work in raising happy and successful […]