July 15, 2024

Obama – A Historical Anomaly Being Rapidly Rejected

Change We Didn’t Need Here’s an interesting article from The Washington Post explaining why the 2008 election meant a lot less than it seemed to at the time.   As the country discovers how deceptive, empty and expensive the promises of  “change” are turning out to be, disenchantment is growing by the minute.  Worth a full […]

America – More Of A Welfare State Than We Admit

America has become more of a welfare state than most of us would care to admit as Robert Samuelson details in a recent article.  The shock to many will come when it becomes obvious that the promises made by Government are so large that they simply cannot be kept. Washington Post – Raised in an […]

Inside The Mind Of Barack Obama

The Logic of Empathy How Obama Is Like Spock President Obama has seen the new Star Trek movie. “Everybody was saying I was Spock, so I figured I should check it out,” he told Newsweek. Obama is often compared to Spock because he never gets too hot or too cool and speaks in the careful […]

Sanction Of The Victim Part 2

Thought Provoking Links Change?  You Asked For It Even some loyal Democrats are feeling queasy about what will happen if, as seems likely, Al Franken wins the endless dispute over that Senate seat from Minnesota. With Arlen Specter’s recent conversion, that would give the Democrats 60 seats, or three-fifths of the Senate, which is a […]