April 15, 2024

It’s Not Your Imagination – Our Living Standards Are Collapsing

No one likes earning less this year than last year.  If the weekly paycheck is a scoreboard on how well we are doing – then we are all in deep trouble.  The Center for American Progress recently published some shocking charts that portray the American middle class besieged by lower income, higher costs for essential […]

Powell Whacks Cheney, Obama Moves To Center and Judges Go Into Hiding

Powell Challenges Cheney May 25 (Bloomberg) — Former Secretary of State Colin Powell challenged former Vice President Dick Cheney and talk show host Rush Limbaugh over the future of the Republican Party, saying it must be more inclusive or “watch the world go by.” “If we don’t reach out more, the party is going to […]

Has Conservatism Lost Its Intellectual Edge?

Some recent commentary worth the read: -Democratic share of voters with post grad degrees reaches 60% – what’s going on here?  Is this another major blow to conservatism?  –  The Decline of The Conservative Intellectual -Beyond the battle for the intellectual voter, how did the white, rich and poor vote?  What are the implications? –  […]