May 19, 2024

Does Living At Home At Age 25 Make Me A Loser?

The economic collapse of 2008 that put the world financial system on the precipice of collapse has produced fundamental changes in people’s attitudes, financial habits and living style.  One trend that existed even before the financial crisis and then accelerated since 2008 is the number of young adults living with their parents. The tradition of […]

10 Colleges With Horrendously Low Graduation Rates

With the cost of college outside the reach of the average middle income family, more and more people are wondering if the cost of financing college is worth the investment.  We have all heard the numerous horror stories about students who graduate from college only to wind up working at low or minimum wage jobs […]

Youth Unemployment In Europe Reaches Catastrophic Levels

The downward economic spiral in Europe continues to accelerate with no solutions in sight.  Greece and Spain, two of the most crippled economies in the Eurozone, have now achieved the infamous distinction of 50% plus rates of youth unemployment as shown in the following graph from The Atlantic. Here’s what the graph does tell us: […]