July 15, 2024

Too Many Victims, Not Enough Responsible Behavior

The story of the 409 pound woman who allegedly died due to the airlines inability to accommodate her huge mass ignited a flood of opinions on “who was to blame”.   The number of comments on Yahoo soared past 23,000 with many decidedly unsympathetic comments. The death of a 407-pound woman after being denied boarding on […]

Debt Settlement Firms Often Put Consumers In Worse Position

It seems so compelling – make a simple phone call and a debt settlement company will take it from there by negotiating down your debts and making you debt free in just a couple of years.  Most consumers, at their own peril, never seem able to remember the maxim that “if it sounds too good […]

The Connection Between The Fiscal Cliff And Deer Infestation

“Words are plentiful but deeds are precious” – Unknown Has America become paralyzed by discussion, litigation and the inability to compromise or have we simply lost that precious commodity known as common sense? If we can’t solve minor problems, how can we ever hope to resolve festering problems that profoundly threaten the future welfare of […]

Why Are 66% Of Us Overweight?

Why are we overweight? The world is full of tough questions, but why we are overweight is not one of them.   In fact, most of us know the answer – we put on excess pounds when we consume more calories than we burn.  The problem is, of course, that unless you keep an exact daily […]