June 19, 2024

The U.S. Ranks Dead Last In Every Category of Health Care

Apparently there is little correlation between the health of Americans and the amount spent on health care.  Despite spending significantly more on health care than other similarly developed countries, America ranks dead last in categories such as infant mortality and life expectancy.  Americans consume more calories per capita than any other nation on planet Earth […]

Too Many Victims, Not Enough Responsible Behavior

The story of the 409 pound woman who allegedly died due to the airlines inability to accommodate her huge mass ignited a flood of opinions on “who was to blame”.   The number of comments on Yahoo soared past 23,000 with many decidedly unsympathetic comments. The death of a 407-pound woman after being denied boarding on […]

How Did Americans Feed Themselves Before Food Stamps?

We can pretend not to see it but something is very wrong when 45 million people or almost 15% of the entire population of the U.S. allegedly can’t earn enough money to feed themselves.  Is the explosion in the food stamp program a result of fighting hunger in America or is it the result of […]

Government Contemplates Requiring Restaurants to Deny Service To Obese Patrons

Do The Obese Have The “Right” To Become More Obese? In an attempt to help those who cannot help themselves from becoming obese, the government has implemented new legislative fiats requiring restaurants to post the calorie count of each item on their menus.   Unfortunately, the heavy hand of government dictate is producing counter productive results.  […]

Why Are 66% Of Us Overweight?

Why are we overweight? The world is full of tough questions, but why we are overweight is not one of them.   In fact, most of us know the answer – we put on excess pounds when we consume more calories than we burn.  The problem is, of course, that unless you keep an exact daily […]