July 15, 2024

Hillary Clinton’s Africa Trip Viewed As A Success – This Is Like Saying The Titanic’s Maiden Voyage Was A Success

Clinton Needs A New Spin Master Portraying Clinton’s African safari as a “success” will forever reign as the most unbelievable spin job in history.  It would have been far better to say nothing than to bring more publicity to what was a disastrous trip.  Besides being sent on a meaningless journey to countries that most […]

Hillary Clinton Reaches Breaking Point As Frustrations Publicly Erupt – And How The President Neutered Hillary

Hillary’s Meaningless Journey After embarking on a largely symbolic trip to Africa, Hillary reached the breaking point as her African trip was marginalized by her own husband’s trip to North Korea. Clinton’s Cross To Bear It has to be Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s worst nightmare. After missing her big chance to become president, she becomes secretary […]