June 19, 2024

Hillary Clinton Reaches Breaking Point As Frustrations Publicly Erupt – And How The President Neutered Hillary

Hillary’s Meaningless Journey

After embarking on a largely symbolic trip to Africa, Hillary reached the breaking point as her African trip was marginalized by her own husband’s trip to North Korea.

Clinton’s Cross To Bear

It has to be Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s worst nightmare. After missing her big chance to become president, she becomes secretary of state — arguably the most powerful woman in the world — and still, she’s living in her superstar husband’s shadow.

David Rothkopf, a foreign policy expert and author who served in the Clinton administration, says the secretary’s frustrated reaction — “My husband is not the secretary of state; I am” — was the breaking point for a woman who has been largely overshadowed throughout the first six months of President Obama’s administration.

Even as Clinton has been doing the tough talking to such international menaces as North Korea and Iran, playing bad cop to Obama’s good cop, she has done so in relative obscurity, given her star stature. The media coverage of Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state has focused more on her personality rather than on her work as international peacemaker and dealmaker, Rothkopf notes.

“Hillary gets People magazine treatment,” he says. “It must be frustrating for her.”

Clinton was visibly angry when a student at a town hall meeting in the Democratic Republic of Congo asked her, referring to a Chinese economic development contract with Congo, “What does Mr. Clinton think, through the mouth of Mrs. Clinton?”

“Wait, you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? My husband is not the secretary of state; I am,” Clinton replied, seething. “You ask my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I’m not going to be channeling my husband.”

Mistranslated or not, the suggestion that Mr. Clinton’s opinion mattered more than Secretary Clinton’s was the final straw in what apparently has been an escalating source of frustration for her. As Rothkopf says, “It’s tough being the most powerful woman in the world.”

How Obama Neutered Hillary

The Secretary of State may be starting to realize that she is on the losing end of a brilliant strategy by the President to contain and marginalize her as a future political opponent.  Clinton has been involved in no matters of substance as  Secretary of State.  Although bravely trying to portray the African trip as being important, it was largely irrelevant.   For the President to send her husband on a high publicity trip to North Korea as she was trudging through a meaningless African safari was the final breaking point for Hillary.  Why would the President send Bill Clinton to North Korea instead of his Secretary of State??  The obvious message to Hillary was hard to miss.

As a senator from New York, Clinton could have had major input and influence on the serious domestic issues affecting the Country.   By convincing Hillary to become Secretary of State, the President has effectively removed her from domestic issues.  The vast majority of Americans would not even be able to identify what continent the countries she visited are located on.   The vast majority of voters are more concerned about domestic issues than foreign policy.   Clinton’s official role precludes her from being directly involved in issues that matter most to voters.   The question at this point is what can Hillary do about it?

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