July 15, 2024

Robert F Kennedy – Man of Peace and Common Sense

It’s no secret that many Americans feel that our country is coming apart at the seams.  I have contact with many people from all walks of life and political persuasions and almost all of them feel that America has profoundly lost its way.  In fact, recent polls show that only about 20% of Americans trust […]

Is There Any Country That John McCain Does NOT Want to Bomb?

Most Americans are starting to realize that we are making enemies worldwide and actually fomenting terroism by bombing every country that has the audacity not to do our bidding.  Yet aging warrior Senator John McCain, a cold war relic of times gone by, thinks the United States can resolve global conflicts by sending in fleets […]

Government Forces Woman To Stop Having Sex

On the lighter side, these two powerful images aptly summarize a point of view with very few words.   The last three crazy shooters.

Many Americans Are Doomed To A Miserable Retirement

Retirement used to be portrayed as the ultimate reward in America once the work career was over. The dream of an indolent lifestyle comprised of endless golf rounds and vacation trips is still within the realm of reality for many Americans, but for others, retirement is likely to be a miserable life of frugality and […]

A Profound Thought On Morality

An analysis on the morality of same sex marriages from the Weekly Standard: “To argue that opposition to same-sex marriage is immoral is to argue that every moral thinker, and every religion and social movement in the history of mankind prior to the last 20 years in America and Europe was immoral. About no other […]

Are Children Who Move Back In With Their Parents Losers?

It has been widely reported that an increasingly large number of children are moving back in with their parents, some after completing four expensive years of college.  Pew Research conducted a recent study that examines the circumstances associated with the decision by many young people to move back in with their parents. If there’s supposed […]

Clint Eastwood, American Icon, Really Does Not Like Omaba

After giving a speech at the Republican National Convention last week, tough guy Clint Eastwood was both widely praised and condemned by partisans from each side of the aisle. Many viewers wondered whether Eastwood’s speech had been impromptu or if it had been vetted ahead of time by Romney’s aides.  Speaking from his home in […]

New York’s Surprising Vote For Normalcy

New York Rejects The Notion That Tolerance Should Allow Deviant Behavior Common sense prevailed as the New York state senate decisively rejected a proposal to allow same-sex marriages in New York. Washington Post — Opponents of gay marriage celebrated a decisive vote in the New York State Senate, where a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage […]

Europe Sees The Light On CFL

Europe Bans 100W Light Bulb A European Union ban on the manufacture and import of 100 watt and frosted incandescent light bulbs, in use since the 19th Century, has come into force. The EU wants the bulbs to be replaced mainly by longer-lasting compact fluorescent lamps. The Energy Saving Trust says fluorescent lighting uses 80% […]

The Mind Of A Liberal – No Fair Play Allowed

“No Individual Should Face Workplace Discrimination Based on Race” Part of the appeal of American culture has always been the sense of fair play and equal opportunity offered by our political and economic system.  What has attracted so many immigrants to our shores for hundreds of years was the notion that, given a level playing […]