May 25, 2024

Chinese Stock Market Collapses 67% Despite Massive Stimulus Programs

The debate over whether or not government stimulus spending (financed by borrowing) is effective in reviving post crash economies rages on in the U.S.  Despite the anemic economic recovery, proponents of deficit spending postulate that things would have been much worse without it.  Opponents of massive deficit spending insist that the problems are merely being […]

Why The Yen Could Collapse – Japan On The Knife’s Edge

By Axel Merk Because of Japan’s massive public debt burden, pundits have called for the demise of the Japanese yen for years. Are the yen’s fortunes finally changing? Our analysis shows that the days of the yen being perceived as a safe haven may soon be over. Let us elaborate. So many foreign exchange (“FX”) […]

The Greater Fool Theory On Presidents and Voters

The voters have spoken but what have they said? The following view on how the U.S. is viewed by one Czech analyst appeared on Peter Grandich’s website.  Never underestimate the power of the American public to vote with their pocketbooks while ignoring the larger fundamental economic issues which ultimately threaten the wealth of all Americans.  […]

The National Debt Will Probably Hit $16 Trillion By The Time You Read This

The national debt has become the biggest threat to America’s future financial security.  No one has a workable solution on reducing the debt.  Where we go from here is anyone’s guess but throughout history, the consequences for hopelessly over indebted nations has been the same – outright default or massive money printing that ultimately destroyed […]

Crashing Chinese Stock Market Is A Red Flag For World Economy

While the Dow Jones Industrial Average approaches all time highs, the Chinese stock market is flashing a bright red warning signal about the world economy.   Since China is the world’s second largest economy after the United States, a recession in China is almost certain to negatively impact the global economy. One look at the iShares […]

Yes, It’s True, Money Can Make You Happy – “Economic Suicides” Soar Worldwide

I really love it when I hear people say that “money can’t buy happiness.”  This quaint old saying is usually a palliative remark, spoken by people without money who really wish they had money. The brutal reality being made crystal clear by the spreading world wide depression is that many people without money are discovering […]

Why U.S. Deficits Are Necessary and Austerity Is Self-Destructive – Finance For Dummies

Would the United States be committing economic suicide by instituting an austerity program to reduce the national debt and deficit spending?  One man who thinks so is Bill Black, author of “The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One.”  Bill Black is a financial expert, frequent critic of the banking industry and […]

It’s The Debt Stupid – Economic Growth Is Suffocated By Excessive Government Borrowing

Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, in their best selling book, This Time Is Different, have examined sovereign debt defaults over the past eight centuries from around the globe.  Based on their in depth analytical studies, the authors conclude that large scale financial crises such as 2008 inevitably lead to ruinous increases in government borrowing and […]

Obama Health Plan For Dummies – A Simple One Page Explanation

Confused by the massive new national health plan? Perhaps this simple summary making the rounds on the internet will make it all clear to you. Trump Explains Dumbo Care Medical Insurance Let me get this straight . . .. We’re going to be “gifted” with a health care Plan we are forced to purchase and […]

Solyndra Solar – Government At Its Worst, Ruling Without The Consent Of The Governed

The latest Rasmussen poll shows only a minuscule 6% approval rating of Congress by the American public, the worst approval rating on record.  Skepticism runs wide and deep that Congress is able to improve the life of the average American.  Only 9% of voters think Congress can make a positive difference and the latest outrageous […]