July 15, 2024

Disturbing Video Of Chinese Child Run Over – Neither Driver Nor Passers-By Cared

Life is cheap in China and this video proves it.  A two year old Chinese girl standing at the side of a street was callously run over by two separate vehicles and then ignored by 18 people who walked or drove by the severely injured child.  Finally, a woman who collects trash for a living pulled the child from the street and called for medical help.  Unfortunately, the child died the next day.

Even though the child was in full view of the first driver, notice how the van did not even attempt to slow down or swerve to avoid hitting the child.  After the front wheels of the van ran over the child, the driver paused and then drove the rear wheels over the child.  The driver of the vehicle fled the scene.

Even more astonishing, while the child lay severely injured in the street, a second car approaches and runs the child over again.  This driver also made no attempt to brake his vehicle.  The street shown in the surveillance video appeared more than wide enough for the second driver to avoid running over the child.

This video may be extremely disturbing to some people due to its graphic nature.

The video of the horrific incident has been widely publicized on Chinese blogs with wide ranging opinions about the lack of compassion shown by the indifferent drivers and passers-by.   Whatever the reasons may be, the value of life in China is obviously cheap, especially for people at the lowest income levels of society who struggle to survive.

From my own experiences while in China, many of the people I have dealt with are arrogant, rude and more interested in making money than cultivating relationships.  China’s economic growth for the past decade has been nothing short of phenomenal but China is still a great distance away from becoming a great nation.

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