June 19, 2024

Hillary (Who?) Clinton – “Marginalized Bureaucrat”

The Truth Hurts

Some devastating criticism of Hillary by Nile Gardiner at the Telegraph UK.

If President Obama’s goal in appointing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was to neutralize his biggest rival, he has certainly succeeded. Clinton looks a shadow of her former self, and has been the most low-key Secretary of State in recent times. Her immediate predecessors Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell were far more prominent figures on the world stage during their first six months in office. Clinton, in contrast, looks tired, disinterested, and largely going through the motions.

Her flagship speech last week at the Council on Foreign Relations was not only exceedingly dull, but devoid of any clear foreign policy strategy that actually advances the US national interest.

There is little doubt that Hillary Clinton’s star has significantly waned since January. Hugely overshadowed by a White House that dominates US foreign policy, the former first lady rarely makes headlines on policy questions. She has gone from fiery senator and presidential contender to increasingly marginalized run of the mill bureaucrat.

Clinton’s own standing has being damaged by both a clear lack of leadership and independent thought, as well as a humiliating association with a weak-kneed foreign policy that is undermining American global power, undercutting alliances with traditional allies (including Britain and Israel), gutting defence spending, and extending the hand of friendship to some of the most odious regimes in the world. That’s quite a fall for a hugely ambitious political figure who all her life has aspired to greatness.

What Nile does not take into account is that at least Hillary is obeying the first law of common sense – “do no harm”.  The world does not need to have a bombastic Secretary of State running around, trying to micro manage and direct other countries.   Silence or behind the scenes diplomacy is oft times the better option.   A subdued, tired “marginalized run of the mill bureaucrat” as Secretary of State may be the best option at this point – perhaps Hillary is smarter than Nile gives her credit for.

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