May 19, 2024

How Did The Chinese Figure Out Stealth Technology So Quickly?

The United States spent decades and many billions of dollars figuring out how to make planes and ships invisible to  enemy radar.  The Chinese, by contrast, seem to have a knack at quickly figuring out the complexities of stealth technology and are rapidly deploying a new generation of stealth weapons as reported by Bloomberg.

Chinese Navy Gets Stealth Frigate Amid Broader Military Advance

China’s navy received the first of its new frigate line as part of a military modernization campaign, the People’s Liberation Daily said, amid a dispute with Japan over East China Sea islands claimed by both sides.

The frigate, delivered in Shanghai yesterday, has stealth capabilities, will be responsible for patrol escort, and can carry out anti-submarine warfare, the PLA Daily said. Admiral Wu Shengli, a member of the Central Military Commission, attended the ceremony.

The frigate’s delivery is part of a wider military advance that’s seen China commission its first aircraft carrier and enhance its jet-fighter program. It comes after Chinese and Japanese vessels have tailed each other for months around the islands, raising tensions and straining a $340 billion trade relationship.

“This kind of defense frigate eyes a change of the old, single-function, low combat capability of our current defense system,” the article said, adding that the upgrade will boost China’s combat effectiveness and ability to defend its territory.

Are Chinese scientists and engineers that much better or is something else at work here?  Policy Mic suggests that the rapid military advances by China are not due to blind luck or scientific genius.  Many of China’s advances may actually be based upon the surreptitious transfer of top secret information from the U.S. to China.

Currently, China is the greatest cyber threat to the U.S. On a daily basis, hackers originating in China penetrate U.S. networks and compromise national security and economic competitiveness. According to Joel Brenner, a former senior counsel to the National Security Agency, the Chinese army has trained 30,000 cyber spies and sponsored more than 150,000 private sector cyber experts whose mission is to steal American military and technological secrets and cause mischief in government and financial services.

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