March 4, 2024

Jewish Owner of L.A. Clippers Doesn’t Like Blacks – Yawn, Let’s Move On

who is the stupid one here?

who is the stupid one here?

It would a wonderful Jimmy Stuart world if humans could evolve from bigotry, racism, politics, warmongering, and class hatred which have spawned innumerable wars since the dawn of humanity.

Maybe in a few more million years, but in the here and now it’s blatantly obvious that many people don’t like other people who are different from themselves.  The innate prejudices and tribal instincts of homo sapiens is precipitating sectarian violence and dissension on a global basis which governments seem unable to contain.

Why then are the ramblings of Donald Sterling consuming so much of our time, the most precious thing we possess?  Is This Still a Serious Country asks Pat Buchanan,  that we are obsessed with the words of one old man?  In a world of seven billion people, I can find many more interesting and nourishing things to see, experience, and read about, rather than dwell on the dark corners of one man’s mind.

His rant sounds rather like an old guy mortified and humiliated at seeing his girlfriend, half his age, on TV and the Internet, making a fool of him, with black men – in public.

As for the girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend now, she allegedly taped the conversation without his knowledge, a violation of state law.

Nevertheless, when nonsense like stupid racial remarks by Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and Clippers boss Donald Sterling can consume the nation’s conversation for a full week, it does raise a far more disturbing question:

Is America still a serious country?

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