May 19, 2024

Many Americans Believe Obama Is A Muslim Born Outside Of The US

The Alien Amongst Us

Two years into his presidency Mr. Obama seems unable to connect with the average American on something as fundamental as his birthplace and religious beliefs.  According to Pew Research, an overwhelming number of Americans (61%) either don’t know what religion he follows or believe that he is a Muslim.  Mr. Obama’s disconnect to the average American has been noted previously, as reflected by his plunge in approval ratings (see Obama’s Approval Ratings Plunge).

The poll on Mr. Obama’s religion was conducted prior to his recent strong endorsement for building a mosque on Ground Zero in Manhattan, leading to the expectation that future polls will show further confusion about the President’s core beliefs and background.  Mr. Kohut, president of Pew Research, stated that “People have told us consistently that they want religious politicians.  I think it’s an important element of how people see him, how he’s viewed personally.”

What Is Obama's Religion?

Doubts On Obama's Fundamental Beliefs

Where Was The President Born?

Another indication of the President’s lack of credibility with the public are CNN poll results that show a startling 27% of Americans doubt that Mr. Obama was born in the United States.  Questions regarding Mr. Obama’s birthplace persist despite the posting of Obama’s birth certificate on the Internet  by his staff during the election campaign.  Mr. Obama’s recent strong support for a Muslim mosque to be built next to Ground Zero victims in Manhattan is only likely to enhance the public perception that Mr. Obama’s views are alien to American culture.

The public doubts on Mr. Obama’s birthplace and religion may be completely misguided, but speaks volumes for Mr. Obama’s inability to honestly let us know who he is and what he actually believes in.  In the final analysis, Mr. Obama’s fundamental problem is the fact that the public is beginning to feel extremely uncomfortable about their President.

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