May 25, 2024

Mitt Romney – The Human Punching Bag

ryanDay after day, Mitt Romney’s opponents have savagely attacked his character and record.  And day after day, the Romney campaign inexplicably remains mute, allowing the drumbeat of attacks to continue.   By allowing himself to become a human punching bag, Romney ignores at his peril the old saying that “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”

Does the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as Romney’s running mate signal a shift in strategy for the battle for the presidency?  According to Patrick Buchanan, this could be a “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead” moment for what has so far been a listless campaign by Romney.

Facing sinking polls, endless attack ads on his tax returns and Bain Capital record, and venomous lies that he was culpable in the cancer death of the wife of a steelworker seven years after he left Bain, Romney decided to convert this dismal campaign into a stark choice of philosophies and policies. Picking Ryan, Mitt shoved his whole stack of chips into the middle of the table and sent this message to the American people:

“Friends, our country is in trouble. If we do not lift the burden of taxation, regulation and spending that has produced $5 trillion in new debt in four years, we are going the way of Spain and Greece.

“I have chosen this young leader Paul Ryan to be my partner because he has thought more deeply and read more closely into the causes and consequences of our fiscal crisis than any other man in Washington.

“Now President Obama says his approach to solving America’s fiscal crisis has ‘worked.’ If you believe that, go ahead and vote for him.

“But Paul Ryan and I believe that 42 straight months of 8 percent unemployment, $5 trillion in new debt and trillion-dollar deficits staring at us all the way to the horizon is a course to fiscal and financial ruin. He and I do not believe America can survive many more years of what Barack Obama has produced and promises to produce.

“We are offering America a different direction from the radical-liberal path of Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, where the federal government consumes a fourth of the entire economy. We are offering a Romney-Reagan-Ryan conservative road to prosperity.

“I am not going to tell you this will not involve sacrifice. But if you believe this country needs a course correction, then we are asking you to take a chance with change to restore an America where our children can anticipate the better future we all could when we were growing up.

Obama believes government is the engine of prosperity. Romney and Ryan believe people, private institutions, entrepreneurs and businesses are the creative and energizing forces in society.

Buchanan notes that the message of the Romney campaign will be a test of communications  skills by Romney and Ryan.  Telling the American public the truth has always been omitted from all candidates list of talking points.  Telling the American public that entitlement promises previously made cannot possibly be kept has also been a taboo subject.

The country now faces a clear choice.  The response of the voting public will be instrumental in determining the economic future of America and the prognosis is pessimistic.  With over half of the voting public paying zero income taxes and over half of the public receiving some type of government entitlement aid, any honest discussion of putting the country back on sound economic footing is a losing proposition.  Those who contribute the least are easy targets for politicians promising additional social programs to help the non productive zombies of society.  Short of requiring that voter eligibility be linked to paying taxes or contributing to the overall benefit of society, Romney and Ryan face an uphill battle.

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