June 19, 2024

Obama Promises 118 Proposals To Create 23 Million Jobs

A miffed President Obama instructed his aides to quickly come up with another 114 proposals to add to his major jobs speech before Congress.  After hearing that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney rolled out an economic plan with 59 proposals for creating jobs, the President reportedly told aides “Nobody beats me on fresh ideas for creating jobs.  I have twice as many ideas as Romney and I will create twice as many jobs”.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters that the President thinks about jobs all the time and even spent a few days while on vacation brainstorming with economic advisers on the unemployment problem.   “This is just typical dirty politics by the opposition to detract from the President’s upcoming jobs speech – there is no reason that Romney couldn’t have waited another couple of days” Carney told reporters.

Carney also belittled Romney’s proposals for creating 11.5 million new jobs, saying that his plan relied too much on private industry.  “Everyone knows that the private sector is firing American workers so that they can be replaced with cheap foreign workers – only the Government can create good high paying jobs and Romney just doesn’t understand this” said Carney.

Meanwhile, Obama’s campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said that even if Romney’s plan created new jobs, it would just “boost oil company profits…give more tax breaks to large corporations and more tax cuts for the wealthiest.”

When pressed for details on what new ideas Obama would reveal in his jobs speech, Carney said “You are just going to have to wait, but don’t forget, the President is an old hand at creating jobs.  His stimulus programs have created over 4 million jobs according to the Congressional Budget Office.  If not for the President’s creative solutions, the unemployment rate would have been 18%.  That’s something people just don’t think about.”


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