May 25, 2024

Obama – The Man Who Would Be King

kingNever one for shirking from publicity, Newt Gingrich today compared Barack Omaba’s take no prisoners negotiating style to that of a king.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Gingrich said that Obama’s refusal to negotiate with Congress on a budget deal was “almost unconstitutional” and his behavior was more like a king than a president.

“This idea that suddenly ‘Barack the First’ announces to us, as the king, what he’s going to do…Well that’s not how the Constitution works.”  [Obama’s] saying, ‘Give me what I want, or else. Well he’s not a king, and I think you have to really be careful. He could get sour very fast with the country, if the country concludes he’s trying to be a petty dictator.”

In language reminiscent of the recent sequester fight over automatic budget cuts, Obama predicted “economic chaos” if the Republicans get their way with him.

So here we go again – hardened and inflexible positions leading to vitriolic budget debates while the country cries out for compromise and leadership that can get the United States back on track again.

If Obama can’t learn to negotiate he may find himself in the position of Dravot in “The Man Who Would Be King.”  After Dravot was exposed as an ordinary man rather than a God King, the priests cried out that he was “Neither God nor Devil but a man!”



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