June 19, 2024

Secretary Of State Busted On Grandiose “Plaque” Monument

With apparently little of consequence to do for the people she allegedly works for, the Secretary of State has spent considerable time and a large amount of taxpayer money planning a “Plaque Monument” to her greatness.   FYI Madame Secretary – usually monuments are erected after a popular consensus has been reached that someone deserves to recognized.

The Washington Post reports on the Secretary of State’s outrageous efforts to immortalize herself.  The story starts when a Clinton shrine (including the notorious 800 pound plaque) erected by the US Agency for International Development was later removed by the Bush Administration and put into storage.    Soon after the election, Madame Clinton with plenty of free time on her hands, went right to work on – you guessed it – restoring her monument.

I was quite honored upon leaving the White House to have a plaque put up in the lobby recognizing my work,” she said. “And if anybody knows where that plaque is — [laughter and applause] — you know,” Clinton playfully smiled, looking at someone just off the stage to her right, and shrugged, “I’d just love to see it again.”

So, for an estimated $40,000, the agency was preparing to schlep the holy plaque back and put it up next week on another wall in the lobby. The photos of her travels won’t be returning, but who needs them? After all, a large photo of the secretary sits at the agency entrance, alongside President Obama‘s and Vice President Biden‘s.

Then Thursday afternoon, hours after we made inquiries, we got word from a State Department official traveling with Clinton in Pakistan that, no, the plaque’s not going up. “The secretary prefers that public funds not be used for this purpose,” we were told, “and if USAID wants to restore the wall, it should pursue private funding.”

How’s this for an idea?  If the multi-millionaire Secretary really feels she needs a monument, why doesn’t she pay for it herself?   An even better idea would be to dedicate herself to serving the country in a more meaningful manner.

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