May 25, 2024

Household Net Worth Hits All Time High Yet 59% of Seniors Have Zero Retirement Assets

According to the latest data from the Federal Reserve, most Americans should be feeling wealthier as household net worth soared to an all time high of $74.82 trillion.   This is a huge improvement from levels reached during the height of the financial crisis when household net worth plunged by almost 20% or $12 billion as […]

If You’re Feeling Poorer That’s Because You Are – Net Worth Plunges For Average American

In April the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco released a report showing that the overall net worth and value of financial assets had completely recovered from the financial collapse of 2008-2009.    Since the low point of the recession in early 2009 the net worth of Americans has increased by a massive $14.7 trillion and […]

It’s Not Your Imagination – Our Living Standards Are Collapsing

No one likes earning less this year than last year.  If the weekly paycheck is a scoreboard on how well we are doing – then we are all in deep trouble.  The Center for American Progress recently published some shocking charts that portray the American middle class besieged by lower income, higher costs for essential […]

Are You A High Income Achiever? Only Half Make Over $43K Per Year

Are Americans overly obsessed with making more money than their neighbor?  You may never find out exactly what your neighbor earns per year but you can find out where you stand on the income scale compared to the national average. The Wall Street Journal ran a neat interactive that calculates your income percentile based on […]

Is Achieving “The American Dream Life” Still Possible?

The wealth and living standards of the average American remains the envy of much of the world.   Most of us own a home, 91% of Americans have at least one car, our work force is highly educated, household median income is $50,000 per year and only 15% of Americans live below the poverty line. Despite […]