May 19, 2024

Ukraine’s President Should Have Told Biden To Mind His Own Business

Biden Lectures Ukraine On How To Do Things “Right”

In another display of American arrogance, Vice President Biden had the gall to lecture Ukrainian leaders for their lack of progress in emulating the United States’ perfect culture and political system.

Mr Biden, well known for verbose speeches with little substance, lectured Ukraine’s political leaders for their slow progress in democratic reforms.  Consider the irony of Mr Biden words:

Mr. Biden cited 19th century Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, whose literary support for Ukrainian independence prompted a Cold War-era monument in his honor in Washington, D.C., arguing Mr. Shevchenko would today be proud of Ukrainian newfound freedoms, but not its political leadership.

“I think he would also be wondering why the government is not exhibiting the same political maturity as the people, why communications among leaders has broken down to such an extent that political posturing appears to prevent progress, especially now, especially in difficult economic times,” Mr. Biden said in a speech billed as an address to the Ukrainian people.

Excuse me Mr Biden, but your very words of criticism for Ukraine could easily be used by many others to describe the situation in the United States.

“The time for inertia and neglect has long passed,” Mr. Biden said in the 20 minute speech at the Soviet-era Ukraine House. “The leaders of this country came together once in 2004 because they knew a free and prosperous Ukraine was more important than any one politician and any one political party. I have no doubt Ukrainians will come together again.”

“The time for inertia has passed, the leaders of this country must come together”??  Plenty of cliches and platitudes here, but the good news for the Ukraine was that the speech lasted only 20 minutes.

Saving it for last, Mr Biden’s most idiotic irony came at the conclusion of his speech when he stated:

“Your economic freedom depends more, I suspect in this country, on your energy freedom than on any other single factor,” Mr. Biden said, urging conservation as well as reform. “That will be a boon to your economy and an immeasurable benefit, I respectfully suggest, to your national security.”

Please Mr Biden!  Lecturing the Ukraine on energy policies???  This from the VP of a country that has 5% of the world’s population and uses 25% of the world’s oil, (most of it imported from abroad) and has none nothing in the past 40 years to increase energy reserves or implement sound policies for enhanced use of non fossil fuels.

The Real News

The real news about Biden’s trip is the incredible patience and graciousness displayed by his Ukrainian hosts.  Ukraine’s leaders should have told Biden the old story about “people may think you are a fool, but when you speak, all doubt is erased”.    Then they should have tossed him out of the country.

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