May 19, 2024

A Pictorial Example of “Misinformation”

I think the average person has a short attention span and not enough time to get down to the facts behind a story.  Case in point – the bad impression generated by the following photo from the Justice Department showing alleged classified documents found in President Trump’s home.   The “obvious” impression is that President […]

I Love to Watch Porn While Getting Paid as a “Public Servant”

It has long been the contention of many people that government employees, especially at the federal level, are immune from repercussions for conduct that would be immediate grounds for dismissal in the private work force.  It has become virtually impossible to fire government employees no matter what they do.  Is it any wonder that people […]

Robert Petzel, Veterans Administration, One of the Most Disgusting Men in Government

The scandal at the Veterans Administration which let American war veterans die while waiting for medical services is another example of the gross negligence and indifference of government bureaucrats who seem to forget who they work for. After weeks of inaction, a top official at the VA resigned without apology, without contrition, and without punishment.  […]

Super Bowl Fuels Huge Demand for Whores and Coke

The Super Bowl generates a considerable amount of economic benefits to a wide variety of businesses including hotels, restaurants, and food and souvenir vendors.  Although it does not receive a lot of press notice, the Super Bowl also supercharges demand for less conventional needs of the party crowds attending the Super Bowl such as whores […]

One Speeding Ticket Would Send 25% of Americans To Bankruptcy Court

Besides high unemployment, declining wages and a constantly increasing cost of living, Americans now face another menace that could send them directly to bankruptcy court. According to Yahoo News, the five most egregious states for issuing insanely high speeding tickets are Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Nevada and New Hampshire. These five states all hold drivers […]

Why Bother Voting When Unelected Bureaucrats With Lifetime Jobs Run The Country?

Nothing is more aggravating, self defeating and humiliating than dealing with government bureaucrats.  This vast army of government bureaucrats has become a fourth unelected branch of government with life time employment and zero accountability, pouring sand into the gears of commerce, free enterprise and human freedoms.  One scandal after another hits the news with the […]

Police Lie Under Oath Because They Can

The United States carries the dubious distinction of imprisoning more of its citizens than any other country on earth.  While our ambassadors and Secretary of State roam the planet dispensing endless advice to other countries on how they can improve their societies, we remain blind to our own shortcomings on human rights. There is something […]

California State Employees Get Rich As State Goes Broke

The state of California continues to make headlines as one of the worst economic basket cases in the country.  Despite crushing workers and businesses with a torrential onslaught of new taxes, California continues to go broke by increasing  spending at a frenetic pace. California is going broke. Again. The state controller has estimated that the […]

Solyndra Solar – Government At Its Worst, Ruling Without The Consent Of The Governed

The latest Rasmussen poll shows only a minuscule 6% approval rating of Congress by the American public, the worst approval rating on record.  Skepticism runs wide and deep that Congress is able to improve the life of the average American.  Only 9% of voters think Congress can make a positive difference and the latest outrageous […]

Starbucks CEO Says Stop Money Flow To Politicians

Howard Schultz, President and CEO of Starbucks, joins the tidal wave of Americans fed up with the destructive and self dealing behavior in Washington. Reportedly, Schultz sent an email to Starbucks employees asking them to refrain from sending campaign contributions to politicians as a way of sending a message that we want responsible government.  Schultz’s […]