May 25, 2024

America Has Awakened a Sleeping Giant

Hysteria about China has reached epic proportions.  The latest sanctions to try and isolate China from obtaining microchips is very analogous to the oil embargo imposed on Japan in the early 1940’s and we all know how that turned out. We may hinder the Chinese, but we will not stop them.  Here is an interesting […]

How Did The Chinese Figure Out Stealth Technology So Quickly?

The United States spent decades and many billions of dollars figuring out how to make planes and ships invisible to  enemy radar.  The Chinese, by contrast, seem to have a knack at quickly figuring out the complexities of stealth technology and are rapidly deploying a new generation of stealth weapons as reported by Bloomberg. Chinese […]

Chinese Stock Market Collapses 67% Despite Massive Stimulus Programs

The debate over whether or not government stimulus spending (financed by borrowing) is effective in reviving post crash economies rages on in the U.S.  Despite the anemic economic recovery, proponents of deficit spending postulate that things would have been much worse without it.  Opponents of massive deficit spending insist that the problems are merely being […]

Crashing Chinese Stock Market Is A Red Flag For World Economy

While the Dow Jones Industrial Average approaches all time highs, the Chinese stock market is flashing a bright red warning signal about the world economy.   Since China is the world’s second largest economy after the United States, a recession in China is almost certain to negatively impact the global economy. One look at the iShares […]

Disturbing Video Of Chinese Child Run Over – Neither Driver Nor Passers-By Cared

Life is cheap in China and this video proves it.  A two year old Chinese girl standing at the side of a street was callously run over by two separate vehicles and then ignored by 18 people who walked or drove by the severely injured child.  Finally, a woman who collects trash for a living […]