July 15, 2024

Top Ten Killers of Americans Result in 1.85 Million Deaths Per Year

There are many ways to die, but most American deaths result from ten major causes.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) most Americans succumb to the following ten leading causes of deaths. The ten leading causes of death amounted to almost three quarters of all deaths during the past year.  The […]

Best Buy Goes Nuclear On Prices – Does Amazon Still Have An Edge?

Best Buy has done the equivalent of declaring nuclear war on its competitors by offering to match the lowest price of any other bricks and mortar or internet retailer. Best Buy has long prided itself on staffing its stores with knowledgeable sales people who educate consumers on the vast display of products stocked in the […]

Thailand Is Really Serious About Stamping Out Cigarettes

The first time you look at a carton of cigarettes in Thailand, you do a double take.  Is this a medical journal of really bad diseases or is this actually a carton of cigarettes? I am not even sure what some of these pictures are but they are obviously related to smoking. Maybe the government’s […]

The World’s Most Unusual Coin Is Made With An Element You Never Heard Of

One of the strangest and most unique coins I have ever come across is made of a chemical element that most people have never heard of.  Unless you are a chemist or work in the specialty steel industry, figuring out what Niobium is would probably require a search on the internet. Despite the lack of […]

Starbucks’s Youngest Customer

Starbucks is more than a product.  Before the American genius named Howard Schultz started the company, coffee drinking was generally an uninspired encounter with poorly roasted robusta beans.  Starbucks revolutionized the coffee experience forever and in the process became one of America’s greatest success stories. Here’s a two year old fan of Starbucks enjoying a […]

The Ten Most Stunning Coins In The World Outshine The U.S. Mint

The U.S. Mint may produce the most coins in the world, but they aren’t winning any prizes for innovative coin design.  A prestigious panel of coin experts recently announced ten categories for the Coin of the Year Awards and all of them were produced by foreign mints. It has to be pretty embarrassing when the […]

Citibank Credit Card Site Down – Full Scale Hacker Attack?

Good luck to anyone trying to access their Citi credit card online.  Since at least early Sunday evening, online access to credit card holders has been impossible.  The only explanation from Citi for the site being down is a short notice, as follows: SPECIAL NOTICE: Portions of our website are currently being affected by intermittent […]

Will Apple Become A $2,000 Stock?

The increase in the market value of Apple stock over the past couple of years has been astonishing.  Price gains this week have put Apple into the history books as the largest company in U.S. history as measured by market capitalization. The previous record holder for market valuation was Microsoft which attained a market value […]

U.S. Drought Conditions Are Reaching Epic Proportions

Virtually the entire country is in a severe drought.  Americans can’t catch a break between sky high oil prices, collapsing real estate, declining incomes, unemployment and the threat of another recession.  Now we face the prospect of a major increase in food prices due to the destruction of food crops due to the drought – […]